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First of all a big THANKS Lauri and Kelly – your support, thoughts, and prayers are awesome!

I got the results of my second beta back- drum roll please………………. 712!

So we went from 278 on Monday to 712 on Wednesday – more than doubled in 48 hours- Praise the Lord!

I had them order a progesterone test as well, just to ease my worried mind that I might have a possible luteal phase defect, and it was a good 35.3.

Feeling much better- closer to God in fact, I’ve been praying a lot and using specific prayers I’ve pulled off of the demi-god Google that have really helped me relax. Feel so much better having a set, poetic, focused prayer rather than just my cries for help, why me’s, and ramblings.

DH was super sweet this morning- it’s a shame one has to be newly pregnant to get him in a much better mood in the morning. He has horrible allergies and is always (and I mean always, as in each and every day) heavily congested in the a.m. As you can see in the image below- this is why, his ethmoid sinuses are nearly completely congested!

DH's cornal sinus image Trouble Breathing?  Such a handsome lad!

So now I’m off to write a paper- my goal is to have my my 1st draft to my teacher on Monday… now that I have this under my belt I feel so much better, and hopefully I can concentrate, focus, and put out some great work!

Thanks for visiting- our next step is to have another beta next Wednesday, and then our first ultrasound on 7/6! Can’t wait to see that little heart beat… well at least I think by then it should be there by then… and I hope it is there! Not out of the woods yet, but at least these woods seem quite friendlier than the scary, unforgiving woods of a miscarriage.

Love to all!



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Beta #1

First hurdle has been… well hurdled!

My first Beta count that was drawn this morning was at 278.  Of course, that doesn’t mean much until we see what it goes to on Wednesday (should double about every 48 hours), it just means that I am indeed pregnant.

I’m pretty happy with this level. From my first pregnancy with Aaron, which sadly ended as a blighted ovum, my first Beta count took place on Week 6 and 1 day and was only 1,957.  If all goes well and I were to have a steady Beta rise and were to have another lab drawn on July 2 (Week 6 day 1 of this pregnancy) my number should be at 8,896. So you can see that Aaron just didn’t have a chance, just wasn’t where he/she should have been on the hCG scale.

So here’s to eating healthy, staying active, saying lots of prayers, and hoping to reach my Beta goal of 556 on Wednesday!

Have a great day~


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IUI#2 = Fail

Hello all-

Sorry to start off IComLEavWe March 2011 with bad news, but we tested this morning and got two BFN. I’m 13 dpo and wanted to be able to plan my week better with my sister’s wedding this Friday. I used two hpt, Clear Blue Easy Digital, and an EPT, so they greeted my husband and I with a cold “Not Pregnant” and a single line.  And to think I shaved my legs last night for this! I was so hoping for some BFP sex this morning!

So today sucks, but at least I have the week to get happy and put our second cycle in the past.

Don’t you just hate how much we infertiles know about our cycles and every little feeling that could be confused with early signs of pregnancy. Those damn cramps had be fooled!

So I’m off to buy a replacement battery for my basal thermometer (let’s see how long this one lasts), some mint flavoring for the wedding mints (who wants to place bets on the ratio of completed mints for the wedding to the amount of cream cheese-minty-sugary goodness I eat instead), and some #814 pomegranate colored thread for a common thread bracelet for me and my closest infertility friends!

In regards to the Common Thread bracelets- check out the history of the Common Thread bracelet from THE Stirrup Queen and my inspiration to make my own and for my local gals – Mrs S. from Him + Me = Three? Maybe.

Happy IComLeavWe March 2011!



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To test, or not to test… That is the question!

Hello all-

I’m on the fence on whether I should take a pregnancy test or wait until Wednesday… What’s a girl to do?

I haven’t felt any definite signs of pregnancy, but of course it’s still so early. I’ve had some light cramping today. The past few days I’ve had a few twinges… but that was most likely just gas! I also went to bed pretty early yesterday, but I think I’m trying to make myself feel fatigued.

I’m 11 dpo, and the original plan was to test on Wednesday. My only fear if I test early and it’s positive, that these cramps are an early sign of miscarriage- how unfair is that the early signs of pregnancy are also the early signs of miscarriage?

So let’s put it to a vote- let me know if you think I should go for the gold (golden shower on teh pee stick that is) or stick (ha ha, no pun intended) it out and wait until Wednesday.

Have a good one!



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