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Feeling Good Friday


Hi peoples!

Today is a beautiful day- sun is shining, my cappuccino is delicious, and I’m just generally feeling good.

On Wednesday during our second IUI we just had a good experience. The nurse was very nice and did all the right things a medical provider should do- she introduced herself, made small talk, made me feel at ease.

My DH was super supportive too- at our first IUI I was pretty much just scared- of failure, of success and then failure, of doing anything to hinder positive results {I was just plain SCARED}. On Wednesday, and during this last month really, he’s been much more attentive and has demonstrated what he knows about my cycle. It was so sweet when we were in the exam room waiting for the nurse he asked if I wanted him at my

side or in the chair. Just these simple things have made me feel so connected and reassured that he really does care- not that I didn’t know, but it’s hard to gather information from my silent and steadfast husband. You know how hard it is to interpret the opposite sex- we are just different beings.

Anywho- after the insemination I was lying there for my ten minutes and at this point last time I was in tears, but this time I was laughing! I’m really hoping the study done in Isreal about the fertility clown and the higher success rate for women who have a laugh immediately after implantation of their embryo(s) during IVF works for those of us going through IUI.

Look Who's Talking

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I always wonder what exactly happens up in there- of course my only visual is the opening scene of “Look Who’s Talking”.

So while making small talk with DH I was demonstrating to him what I thought was going on- or was going to occur. It went something like this…

  • Squiggly sperm fingers making find themselves in what was described by my RE as a very pretty uterus (Thanks, Doc!)
  • Which way do they go? Squiggly sperm fingers look right, then left. Do they split up or do they all go one way? They take off in two groups swimming their way up and down my tubes- of course I have to demonstrate that my right fallopian tube is quite longer and more tortuous than my left with my squiggly sperm hands.
  • What’s this- an egg! So my left hand becomes a fist and the right handed squiggly sperm fingers attach the egg. One lucky sperm makes it as demonstrated to my DH by one sly squiggly sperm finger penetrating { might as well get some sort of penetration from this adventure- ha ha} the egg fist.
  • Then the fertilized egg starts to make it’s merry way down the fallopian trail, bopping along and growing from two cells, four cells, eight cells, and so on as my fist begins to relax.
  • In record speed, the tiny embryo fist begins to grow as the other hand comes into help demonstrate the developing fetus.. first a tiny ball, then an elongating little fetus who continues to grow and move- gives mom (ohh, that’s a nice sound) a kick or two and then…
  • Pop- it’s born with quite gusto as I thrust my arms through my bent knees and begin to cradle our little imaginary bundle of joy!

I giggled and laughed, got a smile and a look that said “you’re really strange, but I love you” from DH… and did it again because we still has 6 minutes or so to go (our baby grew really fast… wish the two week wait would go that fast! But then we wouldn’t call it the 2ww!)

So it was a good experience overall- much better than the first. A big (albeit, anonymous and unheard) thank you to our wonderful nurse! It’s people like that who can make this situation a little bit better with the right attitude and caring disposition!

Hope everything in your world is a little sunnier today!

Much love- SeekingShirley


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