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Work Day Blues

Hello reader,

Today is a sad day here at work. My office neighbor had her last day today, her contract was not renewed. So today we had a lunch and pulled together some money for a gift card. There are 8 (well 7 now) people who work in my office…. 4 came to the lunch.

I like to live in my own naive world where everyone is good natures, and does nice things, the right things, when they should. Today after I put my message in the card and took it to the other faculty members, she said she wasn’t going to be contributing to the gift. I was so shocked, I didn’t have time to process it and put my confused why you being such a bitch look on my face, so I just said, “Oh! Ok, perhaps you should check with the secretary about signing the card then.”

This afternoon I just feel sick… there were two faculty members who did not sign the card, participate in the lunch, put together some cash to go towards the gift card, or even say goodbye. I can see why our supervisor wouldn’t attend or sign a card, but come on- these other two ladies didn’t have anything to do with supervising my lost neighbor. We are a small department, and this act was just cold, callus, and unbecoming. They just turned their back and clearly drew the line in the sand between the department.

I still want to ‘like’ these ladies- one is even a fellow IFer who I just recently started talking to about our IF struggles… man, what a wake up call- well not really, but it just sucks when people don’t do what is right and you can’t look at them in the same light.

So that’s my sad Monday story. It sucks. I want a new job…

… and now I just got a text from my former neighbor- one lady wrote and email, and one caught her in the hall today. Doesn’t make it right, but at least I get to partially re-enter my dream land of rainbows and butterflies, Aangels and marshmallows where everyone is truly good on the inside.

6 more days until I get to test if I still wish… don’t know, don’t feel any different, wish it was next week already!

Hope your Monday is better than this…




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Their ignorance is not my bliss!

Five whole days later, another good friend is pregnant- It’s raining hCG!!!!!

I love both of my friends dearly, but this is how they told me, see if you can spot the incredibly annoying, ignorant statements:

  • Prego #1, “Any good news?”
  • Me, “No, we taking this next month off to lose some weight and hopefully better our chances”
  • Prego #1, “Have you guys thought about adoption?”
  • Me, “Well last Monday I was ready to throw it all in and sign up for foster care. The house is just so empty, I just want to care for and love someone asap!”
  • Prego#1, “Well, you can have mine…”
  • Me, …. blank stare… (internal comentary, “Are you fucking kidding me”)… blank stare…
  • Prego #1, “Yeah, I’m pregnant. This is what booze will do to ya! I so wish you had good news, you are the last person, and I mean the last person that I’ve told…”

No on to today’s {heart} breaking news:

  • Prego #2: “I’m Pregnant!”  …. via text…. our last text conversation – December 2010.

Both are beautiful, loving, fun, awesome ladies- I love them both dearly, and I would have done the same stupid stuff three years ago as well. Hell, I did just yesterday! It was my friend’s birthday yesterday, and after wishing her a happy b-day we discussed our new plan, and she gave me a compliment about my weight saying there’s no excess weight to be found, and what do I do???  Say, “Oh yeah, I’m a good 20-30#s heavier than my drinking/bad eating habit days.”- how insensitive of me, since my friend has put on a bit more than my 20-30 after giving birth to three beautiful children.

Are we all  just dumb?!  I think we all have our moments. So I’m letting it all slide. We all make mistakes and have moments of stupid comments. It would just be nice if everyone was as aware of how hurtful comments be.

Happy Weekend Everyone…

SeekingShirley – now taking applications for a non-pregnant close friend!

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