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IUI#2 = Fail

Hello all-

Sorry to start off IComLEavWe March 2011 with bad news, but we tested this morning and got two BFN. I’m 13 dpo and wanted to be able to plan my week better with my sister’s wedding this Friday. I used two hpt, Clear Blue Easy Digital, and an EPT, so they greeted my husband and I with a cold “Not Pregnant” and a single line.  And to think I shaved my legs last night for this! I was so hoping for some BFP sex this morning!

So today sucks, but at least I have the week to get happy and put our second cycle in the past.

Don’t you just hate how much we infertiles know about our cycles and every little feeling that could be confused with early signs of pregnancy. Those damn cramps had be fooled!

So I’m off to buy a replacement battery for my basal thermometer (let’s see how long this one lasts), some mint flavoring for the wedding mints (who wants to place bets on the ratio of completed mints for the wedding to the amount of cream cheese-minty-sugary goodness I eat instead), and some #814 pomegranate colored thread for a common thread bracelet for me and my closest infertility friends!

In regards to the Common Thread bracelets- check out the history of the Common Thread bracelet from THE Stirrup Queen and my inspiration to make my own and for my local gals – Mrs S. from Him + Me = Three? Maybe.

Happy IComLeavWe March 2011!




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The tiny and very inconvienent reminder of infertility- the GP192 battery!

The elusive GP192 battery for my BD Digital Basal Thermometer… this is the second battery I’ve ran dry!

I love my  thermometer, but the batteries are so damn hard to find!  I bought a pack of hearing aid batteries that looks similar in size, but it was a no go. So now I’m stuck… do I order my third BD thermometer (I like it much more than any other basal thermometer I’ve tried), or order a 10 pack of GP192 batteries?

I hope to high Heaven that I don’t have to go through 10 more batteries or new thermometers before I achieve a viable pregnancy.

If anyone has suggestions on reputable battery suppliers or places they have had luck purchasing a replacement batter for their thermometer I’d greatly appreciate the insight!  I’m going to check a jewelry counter tomorrow to see if anyone has a watch battery substitute before I order a bunch of batteries… maybe it will work!

Hope all is going well for you all out there- getting closer and closer to our second insemination time!

Have a good one!


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