Introducing Cletus the Fetus


Hello all,

We had our appointment with our RE yesterday, and we got to see exactly what’s going on in there.

We have one good looking little fetus ( or embryo still? Not for sure when that technically changes, but what would rhyme with embryo as well as Cletus? Ha ha ).  Good heartbeat, good position… All is well!

Update: By the way Cletus the Fetus is measuring 7mm and is right on track with our expected due date.  And on a pretty private and personal, but super exciting note for this chest-less and mis-proportioned lady … my right boob had not only caught up with her slightly larger, yet still unimpressive neighbor to the left – and has surpassed the lady of left. Ol’ righty can now claim the Biggest Breast title!

Have a good weekend, I will be working my last night shift tomorrow night. Turning in my resignation at the hospital this after noon for my PRN job. Still got to get my paper done – argggghhh!



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6 responses to “Introducing Cletus the Fetus

  1. Laurie

    That’s great! Glad it went well!

  2. Love the name! Great first baby pic.

    • Ha ha- yeah, there has been a rash of “Beans”, “Nuggets”, etc., but not to many Cletus the Fetuses (at least that I have known, it’s not really that original per say). If it’s a girl I hope she has my sense of humor some day when learning that we called her Cletus the Fetus!

  3. I love love LOVE the name. Hope you are doing well! Cletus is a beauty!

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