Just a quick post… I worked last night at the hospital, and while I was at work DH wrote a VERY thoughtful and well written note to his family and friends telling them of his relapse and plan for treatment!
This has been a great week, a plan for a family, a plan for DH, and NO MORE BIG RELAPSE/TREATMENT SECRET!

Also, just watching Cheers, and it happens to be all about Sam and Rebecca’s difficulty with infertility. How relevant- love, love, love this show! And love, love, love my man!

Have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “Cheers!

  1. lparsons15

    That is so great that your husband did that..Yay for treatment, and I hope it helps!

    • Thanks- I think it’s just the ticket for him! He is doing so much better- much more confidence and not as depressed now! It’s been 1 month and 6 days since his last drink!! So proud of him!

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