Their ignorance is not my bliss!

Five whole days later, another good friend is pregnant- It’s raining hCG!!!!!

I love both of my friends dearly, but this is how they told me, see if you can spot the incredibly annoying, ignorant statements:

  • Prego #1, “Any good news?”
  • Me, “No, we taking this next month off to lose some weight and hopefully better our chances”
  • Prego #1, “Have you guys thought about adoption?”
  • Me, “Well last Monday I was ready to throw it all in and sign up for foster care. The house is just so empty, I just want to care for and love someone asap!”
  • Prego#1, “Well, you can have mine…”
  • Me, …. blank stare… (internal comentary, “Are you fucking kidding me”)… blank stare…
  • Prego #1, “Yeah, I’m pregnant. This is what booze will do to ya! I so wish you had good news, you are the last person, and I mean the last person that I’ve told…”

No on to today’s {heart} breaking news:

  • Prego #2: “I’m Pregnant!”  …. via text…. our last text conversation – December 2010.

Both are beautiful, loving, fun, awesome ladies- I love them both dearly, and I would have done the same stupid stuff three years ago as well. Hell, I did just yesterday! It was my friend’s birthday yesterday, and after wishing her a happy b-day we discussed our new plan, and she gave me a compliment about my weight saying there’s no excess weight to be found, and what do I do???  Say, “Oh yeah, I’m a good 20-30#s heavier than my drinking/bad eating habit days.”- how insensitive of me, since my friend has put on a bit more than my 20-30 after giving birth to three beautiful children.

Are we all  just dumb?!  I think we all have our moments. So I’m letting it all slide. We all make mistakes and have moments of stupid comments. It would just be nice if everyone was as aware of how hurtful comments be.

Happy Weekend Everyone…

SeekingShirley – now taking applications for a non-pregnant close friend!


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One response to “Their ignorance is not my bliss!

  1. When we went through the process everyone but the cat seemed to be pregnant. I hope it all works out

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