To test, or not to test… That is the question!

Hello all-

I’m on the fence on whether I should take a pregnancy test or wait until Wednesday… What’s a girl to do?

I haven’t felt any definite signs of pregnancy, but of course it’s still so early. I’ve had some light cramping today. The past few days I’ve had a few twinges… but that was most likely just gas! I also went to bed pretty early yesterday, but I think I’m trying to make myself feel fatigued.

I’m 11 dpo, and the original plan was to test on Wednesday. My only fear if I test early and it’s positive, that these cramps are an early sign of miscarriage- how unfair is that the early signs of pregnancy are also the early signs of miscarriage?

So let’s put it to a vote- let me know if you think I should go for the gold (golden shower on teh pee stick that is) or stick (ha ha, no pun intended) it out and wait until Wednesday.

Have a good one!




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4 responses to “To test, or not to test… That is the question!

  1. Good luck hun whatever you decide to do!

    • Thanks Elphaba- and congrats again! I was wondering if your early spotting wasn’t implantation spotting, rather than our usual pre-period spotting. With our cycles this month being in sync I was secretly hoping that there was some mystic connection and we would have both been pregnant at the same time- sounds like a really horrible Disney movie idea!

  2. Here from ICLW — thanks for the comment!

    I am a firm non-tester, myself. I can’t handle the uncertainty. But, that’s just me. Good luck making the decision! And, good luck with the results!!

    • Yeah, I hear you on the uncertainty… that’s why I emotionally cut myself with not one, but two BFN. I think I’ll take a cue from you and not test next time, nature will let me know soon enough! Thanks for your comment!

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