May the Luck of the Irish be with Us All!

Happy St Patrick’s Day Everyone!

With that being said, I have a question for anyone who’s gone/going through the infertility circus. When and how did you decide to seek parenthood through adoption and stop using advanced reproductive technologies (ART)?

I had a very strange feeling yesterday morning while brushing my teeth (as if that’s relevant to you). That morning I found myself feeling just run down and not happy with my physical/mental/spiritual condition, and I experienced my first – Fuck this, let’s just adopt so I can stop living my life in two week intervals and stop putting my body through the ringer  – feeling.

I keep feeling just crappy with everything going on. I went to Wal-Mart twice this week, and both times I didn’t have my debit card on me, nor my check book – I had just enough cash to buy the toilet paper on Monday- thankfully! Tuesday’s trip was rather annoying anyways- I had just gotten out of BUNCO – a dice game with my lady friends- and to set the scene two are pregnant, three use the same day care provider, and there were only two of us without children- she has fertility issues too! All we heard about were pregnancy stories and daycare disaster stories- I was ready to choke on the dice, wait scratch that- choke some of them with the dice by the end of the evening. After our last round I went to Wal-Mart for grocery attempt #2, and there must have been a “bring your kid and get a discount” sale going on- every single person EVERY SINGLE PERSON had a baby with them, and then to top it off- Didn’t have my debit card again- FML!

Think I have issues? Think I have some problems weighing on my mind? A few, just a few…

And just to bitch and get it off my chest- one of my student’s wants to be excused from class this afternoon because her sister (a former student of mine as well) is having her baby, and then I had to stand and smile/laugh with my coworker go on an on about her daughter who is due in May – just a week after I would have been due – Yeah for them both, she said sarcastically.

On the bright side- week 1 of the 2ww is over. Next week is my sister’s wedding (Yeah!)! I received a very nice complement form a pretty hard-to-please person on my recently published research paper! And- it’s Thursday, which  means tomorrow is Friday!

Happy St. Pat’s Day- Have a green beer for me!



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