The tiny and very inconvienent reminder of infertility- the GP192 battery!

The elusive GP192 battery for my BD Digital Basal Thermometer… this is the second battery I’ve ran dry!

I love my  thermometer, but the batteries are so damn hard to find!  I bought a pack of hearing aid batteries that looks similar in size, but it was a no go. So now I’m stuck… do I order my third BD thermometer (I like it much more than any other basal thermometer I’ve tried), or order a 10 pack of GP192 batteries?

I hope to high Heaven that I don’t have to go through 10 more batteries or new thermometers before I achieve a viable pregnancy.

If anyone has suggestions on reputable battery suppliers or places they have had luck purchasing a replacement batter for their thermometer I’d greatly appreciate the insight!  I’m going to check a jewelry counter tomorrow to see if anyone has a watch battery substitute before I order a bunch of batteries… maybe it will work!

Hope all is going well for you all out there- getting closer and closer to our second insemination time!

Have a good one!



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