CD1… A fresh start?

I’m convinced that most women who are ttc could all be classified as bipolar- at an all time low one day just to turn around and be in a manic state of optimism and preparation for the next cycle. Infertility is truly an emotional roller-coaster… but none of us wanted to ride, and we generally have to pay much more than an arm and a leg!

That’s where I’m at… ready to take on the world, sort of… I’m ready to drink this weekend with my sister and hopefully my sister-in-law if she’s up to it and available.

Yes, her first IVF cycle did not end in a viable pregnancy. I know the un-Godly amount of disappointment that low beta numbers bring, but I don’t know what its like to know you had the start of two babies and they didn’t survive once placed in you.

So I mourn the loss of my niece(s)/nephew(s), and pray they find their baby-angel cousin in Heaven.

I am oddly struck with comfort at that thought- my baby-angel and her baby-angels getting to play together- I like that thought, and I’ll leave it with you.



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