Got My Big-Girl Pants On!

Hello friends-

First of all, I am overwhelmed by the supportive comments and the number of people who made a visit from Lost and Found and Connections Abound (! Truly an amazing, wonderful site- I’m very glad I took a chance and really put it out there. The feeling of receiving loving comments from total strangers is so uplifting- and I love returning the favor and supporting others from LFCA.

Currently I’m at the hospital- but for work, not for medical care. Since my last post I’ve had two acupuncture treatments, jumped rope (and guess what- I lived and nothing “fell out”), and worked through my fear of moving about and working over-night. So here I am! I figure if conception and implantation occurred- then it did, and if it didn’t- it didn’t. I was very grateful for my supervisors working with me and getting others to cover last week’s night shits, they even called today to make sure I was ok working tonights scheduled shift.

So I have my big-girl pants on and I’m getting very excited/nervous for Monday- the end of our 2ww and my big date with my old enemy- the home pregnancy test.

So far I don’t ‘feel’ pregnant. I can’t remember when I started feeling very tired last time- I feel very tired right now, but of course it’s almost 3am (only 5 more hours of work!)- I apologize in advance for any grammar/spelling errors that I don’t catch. No breast tenderness, nausea, anything… but no spotting either, and my temperatures have remained up so far! So I’m allowing myself to be hopeful… which can be dangerous, but we’re no stranger to disappointment now are we?!

I’m looking forward to sleeping for most of tomorrow- it will help the weekend seem shorter and for once I’m happy for that!

I haven’t heard anything from my sister-in-law, and I don’t know how we’re going to handle the sharing of any news- good or bad… Does anyone have suggestions for a sensitive approach to discussing any news.  I was thinking about emailing my SIL to see how she would want to hear any news, or perhaps I should just wait it out? The possible situations we could be in make me cringe- what if we have good news and they don’t, or vise-a-versa?

Well, I have to go and get ready for my early morning duties! Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by!
-SeekingShirley (by the way- I found her! Or rather Shirley found me!)





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2 responses to “Got My Big-Girl Pants On!

  1. lparsons15

    Hey..I am a new reader from LFCA…Welcome Welcome! I will be following along your journey and wish you the very best!

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