A Surge of Shirley!

After just posting about my sad, helpless feelings and reactions from yesterday. I checked my stats- and Wow! Two people have visited my blog today! I can’t very well leave the “World of Shirleys” with a depressing post- we need some positive thoughts here.

So I jotted down the following list of things that I can control and that will make me happy!

  1. Finishing grad school – or a more specific and measurable goal: working today to read at least two articles. More if I feel so compelled!
  2. Being physically active – I have it all here and ready to attend Yoga and a bit of Zumba this evening. I will attend!
  3. Having a clean and organized home – Ummmm, this one will take time, and I do not have the time today, but that’s ok- it’s a long term goal. I did vacuum my couch yesterday evening and I taped off the entry-way from the basement this morning so that no more dry-wall dust will enter the upstairs!
  4. Paying off ALL bills on time this month, and becoming debt-free!  Yeah, I’m a Dave Ramsey fan, completed Financial Peace University last year and if “John” and I would just put our noses to the grind stone we’d be done in no time. (I’m starting to see a pattern of procrastination and inactivity towards meeting my goals as a source of discontent in my life, are you?)
  5. Eating a clean and healthy diet – I highly recommend anything by Tosca Reno (she’s so inspirational), the Eat-Clean Diet books, and I did like the Clean book as well. I truly believe (yet do not practice) that eating whole, clean foods as we were intended can and would improve our very existence in extraordinary ways!
  6. Having an active social life with friends – Not that I don’t have friends, but I live away from MY family and childhood, close friends. So the friends that we do have up here are my husbands family and friends, and while I do very much feel loved and welcomed I feel lonely. To remedy this I need to take action and set up ‘dates’ with our friends and become more socially active – easy enough, sending a message today!
  7. Going to church and having a close relationship with God – it’s been tough, but I do rely on God. I need to work on accepting and surrendering to Him the things that I cannot change, and asking for His help in identifying and taking action on the things that I can change. I recently started to attend Alanon meetings and I really enjoy reading the daily devotionals to help remind me of this. It has helped me learn and deal with my husbands alcoholism, but I still have a long ways to go. I will attend my meeting to night!

So there you have it- a list of seven things that will lead to happiness! I have a favorite saying in my life – “Happiness Lies in Action”.

I can cry and complain all I want, but nothing will change for the better until I make the changes necessary to drive me closer to my goals.

Wishing you the best in your adventure to your own personal happiness!



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